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IVSA Pathology Network

Veterinary Pathology

"Veterinary Pathology is:

The study of animal disease in a variety of species, often with human implications;

Pathology provides the scientific foundation for the practice of medicine by studying the aetiology and pathogenesis of disease at different levels;

Crucial in determining the cause of animal disease and its risk to human health (at the forefront of the One Health concept);

Studies range from live animals to specific proteins involved in disease"

American College of Veterinary Pathologists

Petri Dishes

Discover Pathology

The Pathology Network aims to raise awareness about Veterinary Pathology and help veterinary students explore potential career paths. The Pathology Network aims to connect like-minded IVSA members and provide collaboration and knowledge exchange opportunities.

Take part in projects

Take part in lectures, workshop and webinars that will advance you skills in various veterinary pathology topics.

Discover more of what the Pathology Network does and explore our projects.



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